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One of the services we provide is to repair concrete components at airports. Airports exist all over the world, allowing travelers to visit new places and explore. An airport has unique construction needs, relying heavily on concrete to build extensive...
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Curbs and Gutters

If you are looking for professional repair help for your curbs and gutters, don’t hesitate to give us a call. Just like many other aspects and areas of your home, your curbs and gutters need maintenance and repair from time...
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Loading Docks

For concrete repair service on loading docks, contact our professionals at Concrete Uprising. Many commercial facilities use loading docks to receive deliveries more efficiently. Loading docks are vital to many types of businesses, especially those that receive large shipments via...
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Parking Structures

Our service offers a better way to deal with uneven concrete and damage in parking structures. Parking structures are crucial to many commercial facilities. Whether it’s an apartment building, office tower, shopping mall, or warehouse, offering plenty of space to...
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Pool Deck Repair

If it is time for pool deck repair on your property, make us your first call! If you have a pool on your property in Burlington, North Carolina, you know the pool and surrounding areas require regular maintenance and upkeep....
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We are dedicated to providing the best quality repair services for your sidewalks. Have you ever been walking down the sidewalk and noticed it is cracked or uneven? This can make it more difficult to walk on the sidewalk, and...
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Warehouse Floors

You can count on our team to take excellent care of your warehouse floors. When it comes to maintaining the warehouse floors of your commercial business in Burlington, North Carolina, you deserve to work with a quality company that will...
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