3 Signs it's Time to Make Concrete Repair a Priority

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Although it’s incredibly strong, concrete is prone to damage over time. If the concrete on your property is showing signs of wear or damage, here are some signs you should call us at Concrete Uprising for help with your concrete repair project:

call us for help with your concrete repair project

1. Cracks start showing up—Cracks are one of the biggest signs concrete repair work is in your future. Instead of thinking these cracks mean you need to  completely tear out the area and start over, let us introduce you to our unique method of reviving the appearance of concrete surfaces.

2. The surface is uneven—If your concrete surface slopes at one end or it is not as smooth as it used to be, you may need concrete repair. In a situation like this, your foundation could be having problems, or the situation could be due to weathering over time.

3. Water pools at certain spots—If water pools at one end of your driveway or concrete surface after it rains, your concrete may not be conducive to natural drainage. This is usually one of the first indicators that you need to get your concrete fixed, so additional damage does not occur.