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A More Effective Alternative to Waterproofing In order to keep your home, business, or other building in great condition, you will need to protect it from water damage. In our experience, many people assume the best way to do this is to have their foundations waterproofed, but in reality, waterproofing is a temporary solution at best.

Our team at Concrete Uprising will instead help you identify the root cause of your water flow issues and correct them, providing more reliable, long-lasting protection. In this article, we’ll go over the root cause of water flow issues and how our method addresses them.

Causes of Drainage Issues

In most cases, water flow issues are caused by the concrete foundation of your building settling. This happens when the soil under your concrete slab erodes, leaving the concrete without enough support to hold itself up. In turn, the concrete sinks down, and since water always flows downhill, it will follow.

The Traditional Solutions

When dealing with drainage issues, many people first use waterproofing services. This keeps the water out for a limited time, but is does not address the root cause of the problem. A better way to deal with the issue is to level your concrete, which involves injecting material under your slab to prop it back up. However, the traditional method of concrete leveling involves injecting more concrete, which makes the foundation even heavier and can make the settling problem worse, ultimately proving no more effective than waterproofing.

Our Solution

Our solution to your water flow issues is more effective and reliable than either waterproofing or traditional concrete leveling. Instead of concrete, we inject a structural poly resin under your slab, which is strong enough to hold up the concrete but so light that it only adds a few extra pounds of weight. This process levels your concrete out without causing it to sink further in the long run.

With our concrete leveling surfaces, waterproofing becomes completely unnecessary! Give us a call today to learn more.