Apartment Managers Should be Familiar with Concrete Leveling Foam

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Owning and/or managing an apartment complex is no easy feat when you consider all the balls you have to keep up in the air. Your success is based on having quality tenants and a minimal vacancy rate while also preventing liabilities that can result in a costly lawsuit. Most apartment complexes have several areas where there are concrete surfaces – patios, parking areas, pool deck, curbs, sidewalks, garages, and certain common areas.

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It is important to maintain these areas properly to keep your tenants happy, maintain a proper appearance that doesn’t scare off potential tenants, stay ADA compliant, and avoid injuries. If you haven’t heard about concrete leveling foam, there are several reasons why you should become familiar with this innovative technique for resolving uneven concrete surfaces that have happened from settling and other causes. The process of injecting leveling foam results in no downtime like mudjacking and concrete replacement would, and it provides longer performance as you aren’t adding to the settling problem by adding more heavy concrete.

Regular inspections should be done on all concrete surfaces to be sure you do not have a vertical difference of more than a quarter inch. Anything more than that is not only a trip hazard but puts you in violation of ADA guidelines. Uneven concrete can also result in pooling water that can cause slips and falls, as well as cause water damage if the water is diverted toward wood structures and never drains away properly.

If you are the owner or manager of an apartment complex or other commercial property and would like to learn more about concrete leveling foam, give us a call at Concrete Uprising. We are available during off-hours for any commercial leveling project so that we do not disrupt your business or get in the way of your tenants. Contact us today to learn more about this innovative technique that is far more effective and lasting than mudjacking!