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Our team at Concrete Uprising has extensive experience in the concrete industry, and one of the many services we offer is concrete leveling. This process is designed to prevent your concrete from sinking due to erosion—as the soil underneath your concrete shifts, the concrete itself can become uneven or get damaged, which makes it necessary to level it out again. In this article, we’ll provide a brief overview of how concrete leveling works so you can understand what to expect.

Concrete Leveling 101

What makes concrete leveling necessary?

Many things can cause your concrete to sag over time. As we mentioned above, rainwater can cause the soil beneath your concrete to wash away, leaving the concrete with less of a foundation to hold its weight. Another common cause of concrete shifting is tree roots growing underneath it, which can make the concrete buckle or crack.

How does our concrete leveling process work?

For our concrete leveling services, we use a method that’s similar (but superior) to mudjacking. Standard mudjacking involves injecting more concrete under your existing slab, filling the empty space and bolstering it up. Instead of using concrete, however, our team uses a structural poly resin to do the same job while only adding a few pounds—instead of hundreds of pounds—of extra weight. Because mudjacking adds so much extra weight, it can make the sinking and settling even worse, so our method keeps extra wight to a minimum.

If you want to know more about our concrete leveling services, we encourage you to give us a call.