Driveway Concrete Leveling: What You Need to Know for Your Home

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Caring for a home or other property is no small task. There are all sorts of bills to pay, maintenance checks to remember and repairs to make when needed. Because of all these responsibilities, it can be easy to miss some of the smaller warnings that signal big trouble ahead. Did you know that one of these big problems ahead can be from something as seemingly small as the concrete driveway settling? Here at Concrete Uprising, we want to help you know what you need to do for your home and the driveway concrete leveling process.

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When you go through the process of building a home, the concrete slab for the driveway is often poured after the original foundation. In many cases, that means that the surface is leveled, but not compacted in the same manner that your foundation soil was compacted. After construction, your driveway will start to settle, potentially pulling down parts of your home, causing cracks in the exterior. Although these cracks are usually minor, the real issue is below the soil. As concrete settles, it can create cracks along the seams where water can run down to your foundation, cause degradation of the soil, and create large, expensive problems. Driveway concrete leveling is a process that can prevent all these issues!

With driveway concrete leveling from Concrete Uprising, we can lift your driveway concrete back to its original position and make it so it won’t settle and cause foundation issues. If you’d like to learn more about driveway concrete leveling, our experts are only a phone call away!