Driveway Repair or Replace? What Should I Do?

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Just like the squeaky wheel gets the grease, you probably don’t notice your well-behaving driveway until it is no longer behaving! What was once a sleek, smooth surface can feel like it has become pot-holed or crumbling overnight. Just because your driveway is cracked or uneven doesn’t necessarily mean that you will need to rip it out and start over. Here at Concrete Uprising, we want to help you enjoy your driveway once again with the help of our driveway repairs.  If you are unsure whether you should go with a driveway repair or a driveway replacement, here are a few tips to help you decide.

recommend a driveway repair

Driveway Repair: Whenever possible, we here at Concrete Uprising are going to recommend a driveway repair. Because driveway repairs are often far less expensive and can give your driveway a longer lifespan, we try to help our customers in this way. Driveway repairs should be done whenever the driveway is suffering from issues of settling rather than age. This can look like uneven slabs, gathering water, fading color or cracks.

Driveway Replace: While we here at Concrete Uprising can repair all kinds of issues, one of the things that we cannot fix is aging. If your driveway is over 20-30 years old, and you are having issues with sagging or crumbling towards the center, you will most likely need to start with new concrete for solid results.

If you are considering ripping out your driveway, let us take a look at it first. You might just need a driveway repair from our team at Concrete Uprising so contact us today!