Everything You Need to Know About Pool Decks

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Are you adding a pool to your backyard? A pool can be exciting to add some fun summer activities to your home. Besides pool toys and accessories, there a few things to consider, such as a pool deck. Here is everything you need to know about pool decks.

Everything You Need to Know About Pool Decks

  • What is a Pool Deck? – A pool deck is the surrounding area of your swimming pool. This is necessary for in-ground pools and are nice to have for above-ground pools as well. There are all sorts of options for pool decks, — it just depends on your preference and the type of pool you have.
  • Options – When deciding on your pool deck, you should consider all your options. Here are the different types of pool decks to consider:
    • Wood – Wood pool decking is most commonly seen for above=ground pools. Wood pool decks are very affordable and offer a classic look to your pool. The downside to wood is that it can be hard to maintain.
    • Concrete – Concrete is an excellent option for pool decking and is most commonly seen for in-ground pools. In addition, concrete is very cost effective and offers a great selection of stamps and finishes for you to choose from.
    • Composite – Composite pool decking is designed to look like wood decking. The benefit of composite decking is that you get the wood look without the maintenance that is involved with having wood decking.
    • Stone – If you’re looking for an elegant option for your pool decking, you might want to consider stone. Stone offers a durable option for your pool decking while also giving your pool an aesthetic look. The downside to stone is that it is costly, but overall is a great investment for durability.
    • Tile – Lastly, tile is another option to consider for your pool decking. Tile is generally easy to clean and is more affordable than stone. With tile you can also choose from a variety of design options.

We hope this has educated you on everything you need to know about pool decks, along with the different materials to choose from. At Concrete Uprising we offer concrete pool decks to add to your in-ground pool. If you have any questions regarding pool decks, and the services we provide, please contact us at Concrete Uprising today.