House Leveling: Not as Scary as it Sounds

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Your home is supposed to be a place of refuge, so it’s no surprise that so many homeowners feel a strong sense of panic and urgency when they find out that their foundation is sinking! Here at Concrete Uprising, we are here to raise your spirits along with your foundation with our house leveling options that, we promise, are not nearly as scary as they sound!

your foundation with our house leveling

Concrete is very heavy, no surprise there, so it shouldn’t be surprising to find out that once a home starts to settle and sink, the heavy concrete can settle and sink with it. This is where our customers usually come to us in a panic because their home is no longer level and they are worried about it causing issues with other parts of the house. The truth is that some amount of settling is going to be expected and that traditional methods of pouring self-leveling concrete to level the house might actually make the issue worse.

Because concrete is, as mentioned earlier, very heavy, pouring more concrete to level uneven concrete is going to place more weight on an area that will continue to settle. Instead, what we here at Concrete Uprising choose to do is lift the foundation of the house with strong, durable and, perhaps most importantly, light foam. This foam doesn’t weigh the house down, but rather lifts it back into its starting position and helps with the settling.

If you are worried about your house and would like to learn more about our house leveling options, please contact us here at Concrete Uprising today.