Risks of Delaying Concrete Lifting

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Concrete is an extremely durable and lasting product, which is why it is used so heavily in construction for both residential and commercial applications. However, one of the drawbacks is how heavy it is, and that concrete settling is very challenging to avoid completely. If you notice settling issues, you might think you can delay concrete lifting to resolve the problem, but that could be an unwise decision due to a variety of risks involved.

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  • Concrete Lifting is Cheaper- If you delay concrete lifting, you’ll eventually learn that it would have been a far cheaper option than replacing the concrete, which involves demolition and installation costs.
  • Physical Hazards- The liability involved with allowing an unsafe condition on your property to go unheeded can be quite costly. As a homeowner, you can be sued if a guest trips and falls on your property due to uneven concrete. As a commercial property owner, you can also face a lawsuit, but could also be fined for noncompliance with the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act).
  • Structural Loss- By delaying concrete lifting, you could face more than concrete replacement. If the concrete also supports a structure, it too could be damaged or even collapse.
  • Property Value- Good luck trying to sell your home or commercial property if it has visible concrete settling issues. Not only is the curb appeal affected, but people tend to panic at the thought of a foundation issue, even though it can be resolved with concrete lifting.

The thing to remember is that concrete settling only gets worse and if you delay concrete lifting beyond a certain point, it could put you at risk in several different ways. It will surprise you how affordable concrete lifting foam is and how quickly your problem can be resolved. Call us at Concrete Uprising to learn more about this innovative method that is far superior to mudjacking.