Should You be Concerned About House Leveling?

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The older a home you are looking to purchase, the more potential there is that there will be sloping floors. Time goes by and a home settles, but they are never kind enough to do it evenly. There might be just one corner that dips or you could have high and low spots all over the place. While the seller will tell you that you’re buying extra charm free of charge and an inexperienced home inspector may call it a structurally unsound house, the reality is that any home probably has some house leveling issues.

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A newer home can also need house leveling and while that might be more concerning to you, it is still not a reason to forego a great deal on a home that is perfect for your family in every other way. There are ways to correct a sloped floor without needing to demolish part of your home to accomplish it. One of the best ways for house leveling is with concrete leveling foam. It is a superior option compared to mudjacking that is still performed by some companies. It is far less invasive and can gently lift the lower parts of your home into place.

If you would like to know more about house leveling techniques, such as concrete leveling foam, give us a call at Concrete Uprising. We used to do mudjacking before we found this innovative, improved method that works to resolve settling issues for foundations, garages, patios, sidewalks, driveways, and other concrete surfaces. Call today to learn more and get a quote for house leveling.