Signs You Need Concrete Step Leveling

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Opting for concrete steps over wooden ones is a wise choice if you do not want to continually seal the steps and you want them to last practically indefinitely. There is one drawback, however, which is that because of the weight involved, they are prone to settling and becoming unlevel. If you notice signs that this is happening, it is important to consider concrete step leveling services before the condition worsens or someone is injured. Here are the signs to watch for if you have concrete steps:

  • Water Pooling- If after a storm you notice that water sits in one area, it is likely that your concrete steps are no longer level. This is a real concern if the water is pooling up against your home where it can lead to water damage and rot.

long-term results that concrete step leveling can

  • Cracks Forming- A shift often results in cracks forming that may start out as fine lines and progress to large enough cracks that the concrete steps cannot feasibly be saved with crack repair. Concrete step leveling done before that happens saves you money and could save you from needing to replace the steps entirely.
  • Pulls Away from Structure- If you notice a growing gap between the concrete steps and the building, the steps are beginning to tilt due to more settling at the lowest step than at the top step.

It might seem like doing some patching will resolve your problem, but that is pretty much a “Band-Aid” technique that won’t give you the long-term results that concrete step leveling can. If you notice any of these signs, give us a call at Concrete Uprising to learn about our concrete leveling technique using leveling foam that gets injected under the concrete steps to gently lift them into a level position again. Call today to learn more.