Signs Your Home Needs Concrete Leveling

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Concrete leveling is a procedure that is done to correct a concrete surface that is uneven by making changes to the foundation that the concrete surface depends on. Are you wondering if you are in need of a concrete leveling service? Our team at Concrete Uprising is here to help. Here are the signs that your home is in need of concrete leveling:

  • Cracks – One of the major signs that you need concrete leveling is cracking. If you notice cracks starting to form, you need to call a professional. Some areas of cracking to look out for include cracks around doors and windows, basement floor, walls, and exterior brick.

Signs Your Home Needs Concrete Leveling

  • Warping – Warping can be a sign of unlevel concrete. If you notice warping in your flooring, tile cracking, or sagging we suggest contacting a professional.
  • Water Pooling – In result to uneven ground, water can pool in places such as patios, sidewalks, and driveways. Additionally, if you notice pooling of water at any flat surface, contact us at Concrete Uprising to discuss concrete leveling.
  • Separation – Over time, uneven ground can result in separation throughout your home. You may notice separation between your walls and ceiling, separation of your porch pulling away from your home, or even chimneys separating from the exterior of your home. We recommend contacting someone immediately if you notice separation as it can be structurally dangerous for you and other occupants in the home.

We hope these signs have guided you and helped you determine if you need concrete leveling. If you have any questions regarding concrete leveling, or other services we provide, please contact us at Concrete Uprising today.