Understanding the Concrete Lifting Process

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Concrete lifting is one of the main services we offer here at Concrete Uprising. We use a poly resin formula that combines concrete-leveling with an effective and expansive foam. This process involves four simple, but specific steps:

1.   We start by drilling tiny holes into the concrete slab.

2.   Then, we install the ports where the poly resin foam will be injected.

concrete lifting process is extremely clean

3.   Using the previously installed ports, we add the poly resin foam to these spaces.

4.   Finally, we patch the drill holes and smooth out the surface.

Why is our method of concrete lifting so beneficial for any commercial or residential site? For starters, our concrete lifting process is fast-acting. After application, you won’t have to wait days on end to park on your driveway or use the concrete structure for its intended purpose.

Second, our concrete lifting process is extremely clean. With mudjacking, which gets similar results, a mixture of mud and concrete is used to restore the surface. With our method, none of this mess occurs. Additionally, the material we use for concrete lifting is lightweight, so it will not add additional pressure to already-damaged concrete, and it is not affected by freezing and thawing cycles.

If you have questions about concrete lifting and what it involves, we are happy to answer them. For additional information about the products we use and our methods, please reach out to us at Concrete Uprising today.