What is Concrete Leveling Foam and How Does it Work?

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Concrete is used in all types of buildings and in all sorts of places. If you need a strong and durable surface, whether for building upon or use on its own, chances are good that concrete is going to play a role somewhere in the construction! While concrete is solid and strong, it can also be subject to the elements beneath it, namely the soil composition. During construction, even when the soil is compact and level, concrete laid on top of it will eventually settle, sometimes settling more in some places than others. If the settling is uneven, your concrete will be as well, leaving you with a predicament. You can either replace everything or find another solution. Here at Concrete Uprising, we choose to look down for our solutions– down beneath the concrete that is, with concrete leveling foam.

Concrete leveling foam is a high-density foam

What is concrete leveling foam? Let’s explore a little. Concrete leveling foam is a high-density foam that serves to fill in the spaces between the soil and the concrete. Experts like ours will drill a hole or holes in your concrete where they need the concrete leveling foam. Using specialized tools and specific materials, the concrete leveling foam will then be injected into the empty spaces between your concrete and the soil beneath. The density of the foam is strong enough that it is able to push up the concrete in places where it wasn’t able to support itself previously. This makes concrete leveling foam an ideal solution for people who want level concrete, but don’t want to spend the cost of extraction and re-laying of concrete.

To see if concrete leveling foam would work for your situation, give us a call today.