What is Concrete Leveling Foam?

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What is Concrete Leveling Foam? Here at Concrete Uprising, we have extensive experience in the concrete industry, and we’re particularly knowledgeable about building concrete foundations. One of the main purposes of a foundation is to spread out the weight of the home or building to prevent it from sinking into the soil, but sometimes even the best foundations settle (or sink) over time. When this happens, you can turn to our team to get the solutions you need.

One of the methods we use to correct foundation settling is to inject concrete leveling foam underneath. In this article, we’ll provide some basic information about what concrete leveling foam is and how it works, so you know what to expect.

  • What It Is – Concrete leveling foam is a specialized polyurethane material designed to give concrete structures (especially foundations) extra support to prevent them from settling and to correct any settling that has already occurred. Once the foam is dry, it will be strong enough to bear the weight of the concrete, which will help keep the foundation properly level.
  • How It Works – When concrete leveling foam is first installed, it is in a semi-liquid form, which allows it to easily go under concrete foundations and fill in any gaps. Then, as the foam dries, it expands, which lifts the concrete slab up and back into its proper place. When the foam is fully dry, it will be strong and rigid enough to keep your concrete foundation (or concrete walkway) in great shape.