Power Lift, Burlington, NC

Power Lift, Burlington, NC

Our concrete leveling process is an ideal option compared to a power lift.

At Concrete Uprising, we offer a better solution for our customers in the Burlington, North Carolina area than the traditional power lift that concrete companies offer to fix settling and other concrete issues. A power lift is only a temporary fix. On the other hand, our process using a specialized poly-resin material provides lasting results.

Power Lift in Burlington, North Carolina

When garage floors, patios, foundations, and other concrete surfaces settle for one reason or another, it just exacerbates the problem by adding more concrete weight, which is what a power lift does. By injecting a lighter material that gently raises the concrete back into place, this issue does not occur and the problems are resolved. We take the time to determine exactly what is causing your concrete to sink so that the problem can be properly addressed.

If you are looking for a solution that saves you time, saves you money, and provides long-term results, we encourage you to look into our process rather than considering a power lift. We are happy to schedule an appointment to inspect and assess your concrete concern, find the cause, and provide you with an honest recommendation on how to proceed.

We recommend reaching out at the first sign of a problem to avoid further degradation of your concrete and potential added damage to the structure due to water runoff. Our concrete leveling process is ideal for sidewalks, patios, pool decks, parking structures, airports, warehouse floors, and much more.

Call us today with any questions you might have about our power lift alternative and solutions for residential, commercial, and municipal concrete concerns.

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