Power Lift, Raleigh, NC

Power Lift, Raleigh, NC

Don’t rely on a temporary power lift to solve your uneven concrete– rely on us at Concrete Uprising.

One of the most important parts of your property, whether it is a commercial business, small business or your personal residence, is the integrity of your foundation and cement work. When you have areas that are sinking, cracking or crumbling, the rest of the property can suffer. Here at Concrete Uprising, we want to make sure all your properties in the Raleigh, North Carolina area get the best care possible when parts are starting to sink or sag. While some companies would advise you to power lift the area, our methods are more advantageous for your time, budget and long-term results.

Power Lift in Raleigh, North Carolina

Because many companies that perform power lifting for concrete slabs only do the concrete work, you can’t rely on your fix to actually stay fixed! Unless you address the underlying issues that are causing your concrete slab to sink in the first place, a power lift will only be a temporary fix. When you work with us at Concrete Uprising, on the other hand, we will find out what is causing your concrete slab to sink in certain areas. Then we will use our specialized poly-resin material to lift the area without causing holes that need to be filled or marks in your flooring, and giving you a more permanent solution.

If you are looking for a more effective solution than a power lift to fix your concrete slabs, contact us here at Concrete Uprising to learn more about the process we use in repairs.

Power Lift in Burlington, NC