Ram Jack, Raleigh, NC

Ram Jack, Raleigh, NC

When you need lasting results, don’t ram jack your uneven concrete– come to Concrete Uprising instead!

When you have an uneven area of cement, it can be frustrating and bothersome to be always tripping or noticing this imperfection. Even if the area is a small one, chances are good that if a portion of your slab is sinking or uneven, the problem will only worsen, not get better. Here at Concrete Uprising, we want to help give you a better method than mud jacking or ram jacking– we want to give you solid, lasting solutions to your uneven concrete issues for your Raleigh, North Carolina property!

Ram Jack in Raleigh, North Carolina

Uneven concrete needs a permanent fix, and a ram jack simply won’t do for that. Because many ram jack processes simply compress the soil underneath or are done poorly by amateurs, at best you are providing a temporary fix, and at worst, you are creating a colossal waste of your funds. Because ram jacking doesn’t address why that portion of the cement slab was sinking to begin with, the chances of the newly even slab sinking once more are very high. At Concrete Uprising, we try to give our customers the best solutions for their needs, budgets, and lasting results.

At Concrete Uprising, rather than injecting heavy, rough cement materials under a slab, which can make the sinking problem worse with extra weight, we inject an incredibly strong poly-resin material. Not only is this material dense and strong enough to provide support for your slab, but it is also light enough to prevent further sinking. For a better solution than ram jacking, we want to talk with you! Please contact us today to learn more about our process.